About Jonathan Zuckerman

jonathanzuckerman My name is Jonathan Zuckerman, and I’d like to be your preferred realtor for all your real estate needs in the southern CA area. I am the managing broker and founder of Z Real Estate, and have personally overseen the disposition and sale of over $100,000,000 in real estate, just in the past 4 years alone! We have 3 offices in southern CA, and have recently launched “Z Property Management” – www.zpropertymanagement.net. The truth is that our expertise and disciplines are geared towards representing sellers and buyers, though because of the enormous emphasis we place on customer service and client satisfaction, for those investor clients of ours expecting rental income from the properties we sell them, managing those same homes seemed to be the most effective and seamless way to ensure complete and total client satisfaction. My name is Jonathan Zuckerman – I am a realtor, broker, homeowner, and investor. I treat EVERY home I manage or sell, as if it were my own, nothing but the best service for my clients and their properties.

I have an intimate understanding of market value, real estate law and practice, excel in negotiations, and also happen to have a first rate support team to boot:) My team and I pride ourselves on our ability to not only command a higher sales price for our clients than most, but also on our level of professionalism and dedication to our craft. To that effect, I feel as though we would be the best choice among real estate brokerages to handle the sale of your property quickly, effectively, and for top dollar! If you list with us, I will make it my personal mission to market your house as if it were my own. If there’s one thing about me you should know it’s this: I’m not afraid of good old fashioned work:) I’ve been in the real estate industry for 13 years now, with the first 3 years of my career concentrating on loans, which has helped immensely as a realtor in identifying buyers that can and cannot qualify.

I’ve also been an account executive for a wholesale mortgage company, a retail loan officer, a million dollar producer, and most recently, a $100,000,000 producing real estate broker. I love this business, and have a profound understanding of it, particularly in this market. I served as captain of my speech and debate team in college and am an expert negotiator. All I ask is for the opportunity to earn your business, and to show you what my team and I are truly capable of. We are competent, highly talented, well-funded, eager, and ready to become your preferred real estate broker of choice. To that effect, it is my sincerest hopes that you will think of me and my amazing team for all your real estate needs in the southern CA marketplace.

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