Why Should You Sign a Buyer Broker Agreement?

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Arguably, this is one of the most misunderstood contracts in the real estate business today. For this reason, buyers tend to shy away from the contract, and agents tend not use what they have trouble explaining in simple, easy to understand terms. The truth of the matter is that the buyer-broker agreement is not something to be feared, it is your friend, and should be embraced for the power it represents. For the buyer, it represents a devoted, dedicated, and loyal agent that will make YOU his or her number one priority. For the agent it represents piece of mind knowing that he or she will not spend countless hours, days, weeks, or months with a buyer only to later discover that the buyer’s brother, who is also a realtor, is who ended up getting the deal:)

Why should you as a buyer insist on a buyer broker agreement? Without this, you don’t really have an agent, you have a guy, or a girl, casually searching the MLS for homes that may fit your criteria. What about if the home they find that happens to be exactly what you’re looking for also fits the needs of one of their “clients?” Guess what, the client will get the information, not you. To become the priority you deserve and demand, an agreement establishing the nature of our respective relationships is needed, this is called the buyer broker agreement – It makes you a client, and us, your realtor.

What does this agreement mean? It means that I will be your agent, and in turn, you will be my buyer. Nice and simple. Misconceptions surrounding the nature of this agreement are extensive and pervasive, but suffice it to say that most are not based in truth. For example, did you know that…

buying 51) The Buyer Broker Agreement DOES NOT obligate you to buy a house, not now, not ever. All it says is that IF you end up purchasing a home, your agent will be the agent stipulated in the agreement.

2) The Buyer Broker agreement DOES NOT obligate you to pay a commission to a realtor. As a matter of fact, as a buyer, we will NEVER CHARGE YOU A DIME! That’s right, you read correctly, you will never be charged even a single penny, whether you purchase or not. Real Estate commissions are typically paid by the seller in most all transactions, and in the event that you happen to find a property where the seller is not paying a commission, we STILL will not charge you!

The buyer broker agreement is a tool that we use to fortify the strength of our relationship, which in turn allows us to deliver the kind of award winning service that you should be able to expect from your realtor.

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