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I think deciding to sell the family home after 28 years was one of the hardest decisions I have made individually. As with any family, we had our share of ups and downs. But sometimes, as became the case here, happiness is more easily recovered for all when an environment is changed.

Finding a home I fell in love with made the decision to sell so much easier. After going to the second open house, I called the number on the card given to me by Jonathan Zuckerman’s assistant. At this point, I knew nothing about Jon, had not so much as seen a picture. I only knew I wanted that house!

However, I knew I would need to sell my house first. When we met, I signed the contract to sell. He made it clear to me that I could change my mind without penalty. I never felt pressured. He gave me his cell phone number and all his other contact information. He was accessible in some fashion 24/7.

The house went into escrow before long but fell out within a week. I was devastated as I had money down on the other house and I knew I needed to sell in a certain amount of time. Jon always looked on the positive side of things. He told me it was better they backed out early rather than later, because now there was more time to find another buyer.

Immediately he started planning what the next step would be. Additional open houses were planned as well as a professional photographer to showcase the house. Whenever I gave him information about a feature of the house or of Loma Linda, he would take the time to research what I had told him and write an article. The article was then dispersed to multiple internet sites. He went above and beyond what I would have expected.

Selling and buying simultaneously is stressful. There was a time or two when I started to lose my way. For example, I said I wanted to sell out to an investor just to make sure I secured the house I wanted to buy. Jon said no, that it was too early for that and there was still too much interest in my house. As a result, my house sold much higher. Jon during these times was always there for me. He stayed focused and kept things and me on track. He was always kind, never irritable with me, even when he had reason to be.

I am so thankful our paths crossed. Serendipity? I’ve never considered myself to be a lucky person, but perhaps my luck is changing. However, I choose to believe there is something more at work here bringing the right person into my life when he was needed. I appreciate so much all he has accomplished on my behalf. There was never a question if he had my best interests at heart.

I invite you to give Jonathan Zuckerman a call when you are in need of a realtor who will go that extra mile for you. You will not be disappointed.

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