How Do You Sell Your House For Free? – How do you sell your house for free? Curious? Do you think it’s only possible with ridiculous catches, clauses, or obligatory promises to use “said agent” in the purchase of another home? NOT SO! Z Real Estate will sell your house for a zero percent commission with ZERO hidden charges or BS, REGARDLESS of whether you use us to BUY a new house OR NOT! But how do you guys make any money doing that? Sometimes, just sometimes, making money is NOT the most important thing, at Z Real Estate we pride ourselves on EXEMPLARY service with with cut rate pricing. Ever wanted a FULL SERVICE broker at a DISCOUNT BROKER price? Well now, and for a limited time, Z Real Estate is offering the first ever ZERO PERCENT Commission and trust me, we have a sneaking suspicion that MANY will be following in our footsteps and that this will slowly revolutionize the way that real estate is done. We have seen the future guys, and this is it! Eventually all brokers will be FORCED to offer what Z Real Estate is PIONEERING, all in an effort to offer the seller what they truly desire – a TOP NOTCH FULL SERVICE BROKER for FREE! The time has come no, in the age with nearly ever other service imaginable available for pennies, isn’t about time, that us realtors g

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