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Our Business Philosophy: We put People First!

Exemplary service is the fundamental cornerstone upon which our business is built. This is what you can expect when you choose to work with Z Real Estate, and we will leave no stone unturned in our relentless pursuit to deliver exceptional service with unrivaled results! Because of the pride we take in the meticulous accuracy of our work, and the value we hold in our esteemed role as your trusted fiduciary, your approval of our performance is vital.

We’d love to hear what you have to say, as your input is critical in the design and execution of a successful strategy tailored to your specific goals and needs. We understand that selling a home can become a financial, emotional, and mental burden, particularly if things don’t go as planned. With the right team behind you, however, it can also become one of the most rewarding and satisfying decisions of your life. Congratulations on taking the first step, and thank you for placing your trust with us!

Seller Advisory: It is ABSOLUTELY my intention to get you more money for your house than anyone you know believes is possible in today’s market and, possibly, more money than anyone has ever gotten before for a house like yours in this entire area or neighborhood; and it’s my intention to do this quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly.

In order to do this, I have to do some Extraordinary Things and a few Ordinary Things in an Extraordinary Way. The Pillars of Success of any great marketing effort are Strategic Planning, Intentioned Activity, and Records to substantiate effort and progress.

Check out the following resources to learn specifically how we can work with you to sell your home.

Why Experience Counts: Learn about Jonathan Zuckerman and how his experience as a top agent in the area will help you get the job done.

Why Work With Our Company: Understand why our company is the right fit for you.

Home Selling Expectations When You Sell With Us: Often sellers don’t understand what to expect from the home selling process. We break down what you can expect from our service as well as what we expect from you.

How We Market Your Home and Find You a Buyer: Learn all about what we do to sell your home from offline to online marketing.

The Right Way To Price Your Home For Sale To Get Top Dollar: Understanding what price to sell your home is the most critical factor for you when selling your home. Learn the proper strategy here and why the strategy matters for the respective market conditions you face.

How To Prepare Your Home For Sale: Preparation steps that will help your home be presentable to buyers and make the best impression possible.

Closing Your Home Sale: What to expect during the closing of your home sale.

Frequently Asked Selling Questions: Review a long list of the most common questions sellers have before, during, and after their home sale.

Moving Checklist: A simple checklist of items you should cross off your list before your move.

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