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What To Expect From Us:

Needs Analysis

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  • We will analyze your situation, paying particular attention to your wants and needs.
  • We will help crystallize your reasons for selling and determine an appropriate timeline.

Pricing Strategy

  • We will help determine the most likely buyer for your home given location and condition, and will work towards designing a marketing strategy tailored to this type of buyer (investor or owner occupant.)
  • Once an appropriate sales strategy has been determined, together we will analyze price in order to arrive at the most effective list price to sell your home quickly, and for top dollar! Our analysis will include a seller net sheet, displaying expected seller fees, loan costs (if any) and a rough approximation of seller proceeds for a specific sales price.

Property Preparation and/or Staging

  • We will advise on repairs and improvements with our buyer base in mind. (If likely buyer for your property is an investor, for example, painting would not be needed nor recommended.)
  • We will advise on whether professional staging is advised for your home, and if so, which staging strategy would be most advantageous and cost effective for you.

Marketing Strategy

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  • We will develop a marketing plan tailored to your individual situation, predicated upon your timeline.
  • This plan may include extensive advertising, open houses, flyering and/or telemarketing campaigns, internet exposure, etc.
  • We will establish a “realistic” timetable for offers, entering escrow, and of course, closing.

Receive an Offer

  • We will evaluate offers as they are received, and advise on the pros and cons of both offer terms, as well as buyer characteristics including loan qualification, credit, and financial strength.

Negotiating the Offer

  • We will negotiate on your half to secure the best possible terms for you!
  • We will issue and negotiate counteroffers.
  • We will advise on all terms and conditions, including potential seller liability issues.


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  • We will advise on repairs and other vendor services which may or may not be needed.
  • We will coordinate, schedule, and supervise repairs if needed.
  • We will prepare & arrange post contract documents including addendums, contingency removals, termite reports, time extensions, notice(s) to perform, etc..

Preclose Preparations

  • We will coordinate and supervise final seller document preparation including grant deed and seller estimated settlement statement, provide preclosing consultation, and assist with any last minute closing issues that may arise.
  • We will review your real estate disclosure notices with you to mitigate liability as well as to ensure accuracy.


  • We will preview your closing documents & work to resolve any last minute issues
  • We will complete the transaction

Post Closing

  • We will assist with any post-closing issues, questions, or concerns.
  • We will coordinate your move-out and move-in:)

What We Expect From You


  • We’d like a commitment from you to use us as your preferred realtor.
  • This commitment comes in the form of a listing agreement, which once signed by you, will solidify the nature of our relationship, and start the ball rolling on our end to sell your home quickly, efficiently, and for top dollar!


  • With tight inventory and fierce competition in the housing market, we need you to be flexible with showings and appointments, and be available to review and respond to an offer in a prompt fashion.
  • If a buyer makes an offer on your home, but you’re not available to review the offer until next week, odds are good this buyer may have found something else by then. Times is of the essence!

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  • Signage is CRUCIAL. Often times sellers are not too interested in advertising their personal business to their neighbors, and as a result, prefer NOT to have a “for sale” sign installed in their front yard. Please understand that while we are physically able to accommodate this request, doing so would necessarily run counter to our number one and most important priority: Getting our client top dollar for his or her home!
  • We are people too…If something was missed, not the way you’d like, or if you’ve had a change of heart regarding one or more issues, we expect that you say something. We can’t fix a problem we don’t know about.
  • Lastly, second thoughts after signing an offer can and occasionally do arise among sellers, particularly after they’ve discussed the details with a friend or family member. Please understand that this is NORMAL, and may not necessarily indicate that you’ve made a mistake and need to immediately back out of the deal. So remember, if this happens to you, relax, don’t panic. Trust your intuition, and trust your realtor – we’re here for a reason:)
  • If there is an issue, not to worry, we will not rest until it’s resolved and you’re happy!


  • We rely on you tell us about your future plans, reasons for selling, timelines, and priorities. If your vision changes, so too must our strategy to meet your new plan.


  • Many issues that arise during normal real estate transactions result from improper or insufficient client communication from the get-go. As such, we will be as proactive as possible to identify your specific concerns and needs as they arise.
  • We expect you to communicate with us accurately and comprehensively, the more we understand about you and what you want, the better we can serve you.


  • The more prepared you are for what’s to come, the easier, more stress free, and smoother your transaction will be.
  • If your house is encumbered by a mortgage as most are, escrow will need to order a “payoff” from your LOR (lender of record.) In order to do so, they will need a copy of a recent mortgage statement from you, so be sure to have this handy
  • If your property is held in a living trust, corporation, llc, or other entity, the closing co will likely need the documentation including articles of organization, partnership agreements, etc.. So expect to be asked for this.
  • The closing company will likely also ask you how much they should “deduct for taxes.” You may owe a bit, you may owe nothing, you may owe more than you thought. Recommend consulting with your tax preparer or CPA ahead of time so that you’re prepared and capable to fill out escrow’s tax documentation correctly. . Tip, you can never be too prepared!

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