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welcomeWhy is Z Real Estate your best option when it comes to selling your Luxury Home? Well, Z Real Estate is no stranger to first class presentation and exemplary service. As evidenced by our marketing materials including real estate signs, agent business cards, website, etc. we spare no expense when it comes presentation. Why? Because we know all too well that you only get one chance to make a first impression, so it needs to count! Inasmuch, it’s imperative that our first impression not only WOWs buyers, but also impresses our clients by demonstrating our commitment to excellence and superior service.

At Z Real Estate, we have an intimidate understanding of real estate, but above all else, we know ourselves, inside and out. What do we mean by this? Well, we know what we excel at and will never pretend to be an expert at something we’re not. Unfortunately, all too often nowadays we see sub-par pictures of otherwise beautiful homes on the MLS and we can’t help but to wonder…WHY? Why did they do that? Most realtors are NOT professional photographers. That said, why do most realtors choose to take pictures of their listings themselves, with an outdated camera-phone perhaps, or an old cheap digital camera? Are they qualified to accurately and effectively portray a magnificent property listing as well as say, a professional photographer? I think we both know the answer to that question. Things like this are why many luxury home listings stagnate nowadays. Of course listings agents will cite price, and many times this is indeed the case, but very rarely is it the ONLY reason why their listing has yet to sell.

At Z Real Estate we take a more comprehensive and holistic approach to home sales. We meticulously and painstaking obsess over every detail so that you do don’t have to. We are not professional photographers. So what do we do? Well we hire them of course (and we pay for them ourselves), along with stagers, interior designers, and caterers for open houses. Why do we do all this? Again, presentation is everything in this business, and we know that a below-average photo for an expensive listing is just not going to cut it. More importantly, we treat every listing as it if were OUR house, the one we grew up in, the one we raised our family in. We know how important this is to you, and want you to know that to us, it is more than an SFR, a property, a commission, or an assessor parcel number, it is a home, and more importantly, it is YOUR home. Your satisfaction with our performance means to the world to us and we won’t let you down. Try and see for yourself with our NO RISK trial period, and EASY OUT listing agreements. We don’t want your business because of contractual obligation – we want your business because you believe that we’re the best for the job, and the truth is, that’s why we’re in this business!

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