What Happens When Doctors are Chosen by Price?

Selling a home truly is an art form, perfected with TONS of practice, industry knowledge, and specialized training. Needless to say, choosing an agent by price is tantamount to selecting a surgeon by the same criteria. Can you find a cheaper realtor? If course you can, much in the same way that  you can find a cheaper doctor if you search for one, though I wouldn’t recommend it. As the adage goes, “you get what you pay for.” If you want the best, be prepared to pay for it. If most people knew what a good realtor can do for them, they wouldn’t think twice about paying a 6% commission, as they would know that this fee will be easily recouped, and then some, with the elevated sales price you can expect from the best! Here’s what happens when doctors are chosen by price……Please don’t make the mistake that so manly other sellers make in assuming that a listing agent does not require specialized training, or worse, that all agents will deliver the same quality of work. Think about this logistically: if an agent discounts his commission for you, what are the odds that he or she will discount your sales price for a prospective buyer?

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