What is Quiet Title?

www.zrealestate.net – in this video will talk about title, and what is QUIET TITLE. What does that mean? Well while mistakes are a part of being human, unfortunately so too is the desire to “steal,” “commit fraud,” or “acquire something for nothing.” IF title to a property is acquired illegally, and the true and GENUINE owner of the property one day discovers that unbeknownst to him or her perhaps, the title of the property has transferred and they they no longer even own it, IF the reason is FRAUD or criminal, or perhaps just even CARELESSNESS on behalf of a lender, a quiet title action can be filed with the local court in order to “quiet” any outstanding claims to the title of the property in question. Many times this can be inordinately useful and effective, particularly when FRAUD and/or CRIMINAL motives are at play, and they happen to be OBVIOUS. If so, then the true owners needs only to file a quiet title action with the court, and demonstrate to a judge how he or she DID NOT willingly transfer title, and generally the judge will “reverse” the new title transfer, putting the true owner back on title as they should be.

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